Exotic Quantum Phases Group


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Imaging the Wigner Crystal of Electrons in One Dimension

Ovidiu Cotlet, Falko Pientka, Richard Schmidt, Gergely Zarand, Eugene Demler, Atac Imamoglu
Transport of neutral optical excitations using electric fields

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Topological insulation in a ladder model with particle-hole and reflection symmetries

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Semiclassical theory of front propagation and front equilibration following an inhomogeneous quantum quench

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Spin-strain interaction in nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

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Hyperfine-assisted fast electric control of dopant nuclear spins in semiconductors

Szabolcs Vajna, Katja Klobas, Tomaz Prosen, Anatoli Polkovnikov
Replica resummation of the Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff series

Tamás Haidekker Galambos, Csaba Toke
The thermal density matrix of a charged particle in an external magnetic field in twisted periodic boundary conditions


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